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We are a small arts-focused charter school on Baltimore’s west side. As of May 6th, 2013, we are seeking teachers in the following areas:

MS Science
HS Advanced Math
MS Social Studies

Teachers must be certified in their content area in Maryland. Applicants must have excellent content knowledge, strong planning and instructional practices, and the ability to build strong working relationships with students and colleagues. Experience with teacher collaboration, literacy within content areas, and authentic assessment are all preferred.

ConneXions’ mission is to cultivate academic and artistic excellence, cultural identity, and community awareness in all students. Our school has intensive professional development opportunities and features collaboration amongst teachers within and across disciplines.

Please forward a resume and statement of your teaching philosophy to be considered for an interview to Julie Oxenhandler. All positions are per the Baltimore City Public School System’s contract and pay scale.

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All images are copyrighted to ConneXions School for the Arts. ConneXions (#325) is a public charter school which is part of the Baltimore City Public School System. For more information on our school district, please visit the City Schools Website.