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At ConneXions we strive to nurture students who are academically sound and of good character. One way in which we do this is through our advisory program. Every student is assigned an advisor, based on their grade-level, who they meet with every day for 25-30 minutes. The advisor uses that time to talk with students, track their progress in all of their classes, hold discussions regarding life issues and invites students to work on projects as an advisory unit. The advisory program, at the high school level, is separated by gender. For example, all of the 10th grade males have Ustadh Ismail as their advisor and the 10th grade females have Mama Diedre or Ms. Bryan as their advisor.

Here are a list of all advisories throughout the school.

Middle School
Grade/Section Advisor Advisor Contact
6A Gold, Sarah
Liezel, Jacutin
6B Oxenhandler, Julie
6C Maghirang, Ruby
Bohorquez, Mike
7A Tengella, Renee
Jenkins, Broshon
7B Chavis, Brenda
7C Brostrom, Sara
Lumumba, Walima
8A C, Kenneth
Jawara, Kutia
8B Baluch, Ejaz
Whalen, Jennifer
High School
Grade/Gender Advisor Advisor Contact
9, F1 Garcia, Geneve
Gandy, Martrice
9, F2 Akintilo, Oluwatoyin
Jung, Mi Sun
Loughran, Esperansa
9, M Dodge, Peter
Love, Dayvon
10, F1 Bryan, Imani
10, F2 Dawkins, Diedre
10, M ibn Ali, Ismail
Langley, Matt
11, F1 Watje, Jayla
11, F2 Faye, Jodi
11, M Shaw, Ernest
12, F Foreman, LaCrystal
Marcelino, Hazel
12, M Brooks, Sidney

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