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ConneXions aims to cultivate academic and artistic excellence, cultural identity, and community awareness in our students.

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Located in the former William H. Lemmel building on the west side of Baltimore, ConneXions School for the Arts is a middle and high school serving the Baltimore City community. From its humble beginnings as a small charter school serving only a single 6th grade class, ConneXions has grown to serve a student body of over 330 students and saw its first graduating class in 2010.

School Policies page: to learn more about our daily schedule, uniforms, and other pertinent information.

Student Support page: these are the people responsible for providing students with mental, emotional, and behavioral support.

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All images are copyrighted to ConneXions School for the Arts. ConneXions (#325) is a public charter school which is part of the Baltimore City Public School System. For more information on our school district, please visit the City Schools Website.